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Treated Pine

Treat pine retaining wall
Properly Treated pine will last for many years even when in contact with the wet soil.
Insist on treated pine that has been certified with a stamp or label from the AWPB; this assures the quality needed and  product treatment.
Treated Pine Grading is listed below so please select the appropriate treatment required for your application.
H1- Inside, above ground, dry
Insect borer (other than termites) hazard.
Framing, flooring, furniture etc,
H2- Inside, above ground, dry
Insect borer and termite hazard
Framing, flooring, trusses ideal for building your next House.
H3- Outside, above ground
Moderate fungal decay and termite hazard.
Decking, fencing, cladding, fascia, window joinery, exterior structural timber. Great for around the above ground pool as a Decking.
H4- Outside, in ground
High fungal decay and termite hazard
Fencing, greenhouses, pergolas, non-structural and landscaping timbers. The ideal Timber for building a fence or structure that comes in contact with the ground.
H5- Outside, in ground or fresh water
High fungal decay and termite hazard
Retaining walls, building poles, pilings and cooling tower fill, structural or critical applications.  A bridge over the fresh water creek
H6- Marine water exposure
Marine borers hazard
Marine piles, jetty cross bracing, landing steps, sea walls.  Lets moor the Yacht..
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