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We Are a family run Business that aim to help people in the purchase of Building products . With over 40 years expereince in the building supply industry we aim to do our best in helping people find the right product or at least point them in the right direction to companys that can help.


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Today's particleboard gives industrial users the consistent quality and design flexibility needed for fast, efficient production lines and quality consumer products.
Particleboard panels are manufactured in a variety of sizes and densities, providing the opportunity to design the end product with the specific particleboard needed.
Particleboard is a composite panel product typically consisting of wood particles of various sizes that are bonded together with a synthetic resin or binder under heat and pressure. Particle geometry, resin levels, board density, and manufacturing processes may be modified to produce products suitable for specific end uses. At the time of manufacture, additives can be incorporated to provide greater dimensional stability, better fire resistance, or to improve other properties
Particleboard Types
Standard Particleboard
Standard particleboard is a fine uniform surface medium density, resin bonded particle board. It has been especially developed for overlay use in furniture and joinery.
MR Particleboard
MR particleboard (Moisture Resistant) is a medium density, grainless, resin bonded particleboard panel which has a fine uniform surface. It provides additional resistance to the effects of moisture in areas subject to high humidity
Applications and Uses:
Particleboard is widely used in the manufacture of furniture, cabinets, floor underlayment, laminate flooring, stair treads, shelving and many other products. General purpose partcleboard flooring
There is also Particleboard T&g Flooring which is another a type of particleboard that is made specially for flooring on second story buildings.This product has a higher moisture resistance than Mr plus higher density making it very suitable for flooring application

For more information on uses etc go to http://www.drhenderson.com.au/

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