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We Are a family run Business that aim to help people in the purchase of Building products . With over 40 years expereince in the building supply industry we aim to do our best in helping people find the right product or at least point them in the right direction to companys that can help.


New Products

Adjustable Bearer Supports- (patent pending)

Setting up a levelling post and bearers for the sub-structure of your deck can be tedious and time consuming. But it's one of those things that just has to be right. The clever people from KlevaKlip have now released the Adjustable Bearer Support - aimed at the section of the market where decks are typically from 300 to 600mm off the ground.

Built heavy duty and fully hot dip galvanised, with an adjustment for "bottom of bearer" height of 160mm to 290mm, the Adjustable Bearer Support will save time and make your job so much easier. Simply adjust the bearer support height and add to your combined bearer and joist depth, plus your decking board thickness to give your correct height off the ground.

    Maximum Load Area(m²)
Bearer Width Bearer Support Height (mm) 2 Span continuous 3 Span Continuous
70mm 290 3.2 3.6
70mm 230 4.1 4.7
70mm 160 4.6 5.2
90mm 290 2.2 2.5
90mm 160 3.5 4.0
45-50mm** 290 2.2 2.5
45-50mm** 160 3.5 4.0

** When using 45 or 50mm bearers, in order to achieve the above load areas, the bearer must be packed out from to "L-bracket" to ensure the centre of the bearer is directly above the centre of the bearer support column.

adjustable bear supports

adjustable bear supports fully adjusted

  Note - the above table should be read in conjunction with your Bearer span table. In many instances, the frequency of your bearer supports will be governed by the span capacity of the bearer itself, and not the actual Adjustable Bearer Support.

Another new product is KLEVAKLIP.Klevaklip

KlevaKlip "Merbau Clip" is a multi-board concealed fixed clip. Working on "fixed pitch" principle, the clip provides a consistent  finish that is obtained without the use of nails or screws. As each board is inserted into the KlevaKlip, its "teeth" locked into place by a special fixing tool that is supplied with each box of clips. This mechanical holding is supported by the use of adhesive to provide a look, longevity and feel that is difficult to obtain with conventional fastening systems - with the huge advantage of nor having to pre-groove your boards.  The MT90 Merbau clip is designed to suit Timber Joists includingTreated Pine or Kiln Dried Hardwood joists, H3 Treated Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) joists, Metal RHS joists, C Purlins, and is Top fixed into the joists. Available in G-300 Z600 galvanised steel or optional stainless steel. 
The Top Fix clip is not suitable for F14 Unseasoned Hardwood.

Please go to our Brouchure section for a PDF on this product or visit http://www.klevaklip.com.au

To calcuate decking required is lenght x width divided by .092 this allows for the gap between the boards that is set by klevaklip.Always allow 5 to 10% wastage for cutting on joist. depending on the design this may vary

Please note this was designed for 90x19 merbau but can be used on most decking as long as it is 90x19 and has mininal shrinkage . It has been tested on treated pine kd 90x22 with no major problems .

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