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Lustrous red brown.

Fine texture and grain.

Takes stain and polish well.

Good abrasion resistance.

Hard, heavy timber.

Turns and machines well.

Very good etching timber.


BOTANICAL NAME Nesogordonia papaverifera


COUNTRY OF ORIGIN Ghana, Cameroons, Ivory Coast


CHARACTERISTICS: The heartwood is reddish-brown and has a lustrous surface. The texture is fine with the grain typically interlocked which produces a ribbon figure. Planed surfaces have a somewhat greasy feel.

DURABILITY: Moderately durable.

STRENGTH: 9 (on a scale of 10)

SEASONING: Dries fairly well with some tendency to warp. Care needs to be taken to avoid casehardening and face checking.

WORKING QUALITIES: Works well with most tools but has a tendency to pick up on quarter-sawn material. It turns excellently and takes a good finish. Polishes well.

USES: Coach building, general construction and striking tool handles. It has good abrasion resistance and is therefore suitable for flooring. Considered to be a superior etching timber for graphic art.