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New Product Release   January 2014

Adjustable Bearer Supports- (patent pending)

Setting up a levelling post and bearers for the sub-structure of your deck can be tedious and time consuming. But it's one of those things that just has to be right.  

The clever people from KlevaKlip have now released the Adjustable Bearer Support - aimed at the section of the market where decks are typically from 300 to 600mm off the ground.

Built heavy duty and fully hot dip galvanised, with an adjustment for "bottom of bearer" height of 160mm to 290mm, the Adjustable Bearer Support will save time and make your job so much easier. Simply adjust the bearer support height and add to your combined bearer and joist depth, plus your decking board thickness to give your correct height off the ground.


    Maximum Load Area(m²)
Bearer Width Bearer Support Height (mm) 2 Span continuous 3 Span Continuous
70mm 290 3.2 3.6
70mm 230 4.1 4.7
70mm 160 4.6 5.2
90mm 290 2.2 2.5
90mm 160 3.5 4.0
45-50mm** 290 2.2 2.5
45-50mm** 160 3.5 4.0

** When using 45 or 50mm bearers, in order to achieve the above load areas, the bearer must be packed out from to "L-bracket" to ensure the centre of the bearer is directly above the centre of the bearer support column.

adjustable bear supportsadjustable bear supports

  Note - the above table should be read in conjunction with your Bearer span table. In many instances, the frequency of your bearer supports will be governed by the span capacity of the bearer itself, and not the actual Adjustable Bearer Support.

The Adjustable Bearer Support is now available in our online Store.

New Product Release  

Joist Connector

The New range of KlevaKlip Joist Connectors have revolutionised the way joists are attached to bearers. An absolute must for every handyman and quickly becoming the preferred fixing method of many builders, the Joist Connector makes the set-out and fixing off of your substructure a breeze.

 No longer is the Joist/Bearer interface the weakest connection in your deck, the Joist Connector replaces problematic skew nailing and triple grips, and allows fixings to be at 90 degrees to both joists and bearers, thus creating a much more positive and stable connection. Made from Nylon 6 Engineering Polymer – strong, tough, good UV stability – the Joist Connector will not rust and can be used in any harsh environment.

The Joist Connector has been designed to attach 45mm width Joists to 70mm, 90mm & 45mm width Bearers.

Joist Connector Advantages

  • No longer is the joist/bearer interface the weakest connection of your deck.
  • Keeps your joists dry and prevents moisture-initiated degradation of joists and bearers caused by skew nailing.
  • Allows you to lay out joists standing in position, simply (gun) nail them off in one operation.
  • Unlike Triple-grip type products, the Joist Connector allows fixing to and stabilizes both sides of your joists to your bearer.
  • Helps prevent long term squeaking problems when used on internal floor joists.
  • Will not rust – can be used in any harsh environment.
  • Made from Nylon 6 Engineering Polymer – strong, tough, good UV stability.
  • Fix with gun-nails, manual nails or screws.
  • Aesthetic design – looks good when the underneath of your deck or pergola is exposed.
  • Can be painted without problems of paint adherence.

Product Grid

  Product Size/Fit
JC9045N to attach 45mm width joist to 90mm width bearer     
JC7045N to attach 45mm width joist to 70mm width bearer             
JC4545N to attach 45mm width joist to 45mm width bearer  

Installation Information

Fixings required joist connector to bearer:

  •     2 fixings on each side of bearer
  •     Cyclone areas C1 & C2 - 3 Fixings on each side of bearer (not suitable for areas C3 & C4)

 Fixings required joist connector to joist:

  •     Less than 1 metre off the ground - 1 fixing each side of joist
  •     Higher than 1 metre off the ground - 2 fixings each side of joist
  •     Cyclone areas C1 & C2 - 3 fixings each side of joist (not suitable for areas C3 & C4)

Approved Fixings: 

  • 35mm x 3.15mm timber connector nails
  • 32mm x 2.7 Hot Dipped Galvanised coil nails or equivalent (not suitable in cyclone areas)
  • 35mm x 8g Galvanised stitching screws (not suitable in Cyclone areas)

Note: Stainless steel equivalents of the above should be used in high corrosion areas.

joist connector width= joist connector width=



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A new innovative product that is Enviromentally friendly has hit the market, It is the Designpanel range of products . They consist of Arries a No added formaldehyde mdf board ,and Arries FR which is the same as Arries but is fire retarded and has been tested by CSIRO to AS:3837 and made Group 1 in raw also with a hoop pine veneer, and with a membrane vinyl skin supplied by Albedor Industries.Also this product in now available with a melamine finish and soon to arrive is a NAUF particleboard called Encore it is available in moisture restant and standard and has No and urea formaldehyde making it very enviromentally freindly plus it is manufacturered from 100% recycled chips and dust. This is agreat step forward I feel for the enviroment , also these products can be used in acoustic wall and ceiling linings and is a great alternative to plywood.Just ask Austral Plywood and Keystone Acoustics or your Top Joinery about this product,.

Arreis FR Mdf alt=


adjustable joist hanger width=

Adjustable Joist Hanger

Keeps your joists off the concrete and free of unwanted moisture ingress. This prevents joist-rot through the bottom of your joists. Is ideal for use on area where the concrete has built in “fall” – to provide a level deck. Quick and easy to use – purpose built for the application.Gives a neat, professional look across your deck structure without resorting to various different packers and brackets to achieve your end result.Height of the deck is determined by the length of bolts used. Uses standard 10 mm bolts, nuts and washers and 12 mm dynabolts “ off the shelf from your hardware store .The Adjustable Joist Hanger has been designed specifically to enable decks to easily be built over concrete slabs in areas where limited ground clearance is available. It is ideal for use when the step-down from the house to the concrete slab is between 100mm (min) and around 300mm.The Adjustable Joist Hanger designed to be used with 45mm wide treated pine joists - the cradle of the joist hanger is 46mm wide x 100mm long x 65mm high. It can be used with other types of joists if they are the right tthickness.How is the product sold? The adjustable joist hangers come in boxes containing 24 joist hangers and 24 base plates (see photo).Bolts, nuts, washers etc are of standard 10mm sizes (dynabolts 12mm) and are purchased separately from your hardware store. (Note – length of bolt purchased is determined by the height of the deck structure that is to be built) .Installation details, along with span guides are available on our website www.klevaklip.com.au .The Adjustable Joist Hanger has been manufactured to meet deck load bearing standards as per Australian Standard AS1170-1 and Australian hot dipped galvanising standards AS/NZS 4680:2006 adjustable joist hanger width=.





Another new product is KLEVAKLIP.

KlevaKlip "Merbau Clip" is a multi-board concealed fixed clip. Working on "fixed pitch" principle, the clip provides a consistent  finish that is obtained without the use of nails or screws. As each board is inserted into the KlevaKlip, its "teeth" locked into place by a special fixing tool that is supplied with each box of clips.T his mechanical holding is supported by the use of adhesive to provide a look, longevity and feel that is difficult to obtain with conventional fastening systems - with the huge advantage of nor having to pre-groove your boards.The MT90 Merbau clip is designed to suit Timber Joists includingTreated Pine or Kiln Dried Hardwood joists, H3 Treated Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) joists, Metal RHS joists, C Purlins, and is Top fixed into the joists. Available in G-300 Z600 galvanised steel or optional stainless steel. 
The Top Fix clip is not suitable for F14 Unseasoned Hardwood. Please go to our Brouchure section for a PDF on this product or visit http://www.klevaklip.com.au

We can now sell these at $135.00 per box for galavanised and $190.00 per box for stainless steel plus delivery . Please note this was designed for 90x19 Merbau Decking.

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